Friday, October 3, 2008

Photo Diary: Day 1

So here are the photos that I took during my first day rubbernecking in Oxford, which was yesterday. This really is an insanely gorgeous city, and since I've not started school yet, I can take photos without it being uncool. So... now that my internet is back (it went out for a full day, and then my housemate fixed it in two seconds... sigh... at least it's back) here we go. A pretty extensive photo diary, and my camera is coming with me tomorrow to London.

My gate at DIA when I first got there (A37, it already said London Heathrow over the door, which was exciting). Not many people. It's light. Now, there is a long time to wait.

My gate, minus the plane. Still in the daytime. This while I was kicking about and doing nothing in particular, trying to kill time. And no, that is not a ghost in the picture, that is the flash.

My gate. Now it is dark, a lot more time has gone by, and there are a lot more people. We are getting closer to departure, which means I am probably jumping out of my skin.

Shut up about my oh-so-witty commentary.

This is my plane at the gate, a Boeing 777 which means it had three sets of three seats and two aisles. Unfortunately, no pictures of the inside of the plane since a) it was night and I didn't want my irritating flash to bother people, and b) they might think I was a terrorist trying to scope out possible attack locations. So, no plane photos.


A photo while my bus was sitting at the departure gate in Heathrow. Notice the sunlight? It's actually been sunny for three whole days in a row. I'm getting my hopes up. This might be a bad idea.

A shot out the bus window of the typical winding Oxford street, lined with houses.

I am actually blanking on which of the colleges this is. So it's the front quad of one of them. Yes, I know, how terribly helpful.

A typical house on my walk in from my flat to Wadham.

The Fir Tree, your average corner pub. As in, there is one every block or so.

The front facade of University College.

The sign on Catte Street, the side brick-paved shortcut that leads past the Radcliffe Camera, Bodleian Library, and to Wadham.

Somewhere in the Bodleian section of buildings.

The front quad of Wadham College, my home college for the purposes of this year. I purposely cut out the right side of the picture because there is some renovation going on which is not quite as charming.

A closer look at the statues above the central doorway.

The back of the Wadham College Chapel, where services are sung by candlelight on Sunday evenings. I think I might go.

The college organ, which I've heard can make the floor shake. Oohhhh...

The interior of college chapel.

Wadham College Hall, where we had a fancy dinner. It looks great by candlelight.

A street bridge, this one taken from while we were crossing the Bodleian quad on our way to the bus stop home.

The view from the bus stop, where it had become a bit predictably gray and rainy. But hey, it was nice again today. I hardly know what to think.

Pictures to come from London tomorrow!


Gillian said...

How lovely!!!!! Can't wait to see more!

Russ said...

The place looks wonderful! Hope you get some pictures of Trafalgar Square (esp. Nelson's Column) and the Palace of Westminster (esp. the statue of Cromwell).