Thursday, March 26, 2009

London, Part Troix (Photos)

So this is the third time I've been to London, but Darcy's first. And anyway, we got plenty of good pictures. After a few misadventures starting out (the tube was slow, we got dumped with rain on our way to St Paul's Cathedral, we weren't allowed IN St. Paul's when we got there at mid-morning due to some event or another, I got accosted into buying an ugly flower, they had exactly one cashier working a long line of London Eye ticket-seekers) we finally got INTO the London Eye, which is a mongo big Ferris wheel (the biggest in the world, I think) designed for sightseeing.

So we took them up on it.

The Westminster footbridge from the sky.

Big Ben and Westminster.

The Union Jack atop the Houses of Parliament. It was really, really windy.

I like this one. Big Ben and Westminster again. Very cool.

Darcy in the Eye.

Another shot of the courts from the air.

St. Paul's (see the dome?) We got there later.

Looking up...


Rain. The weather was incredibly damn schizophrenic. One moment raining, one moment cloudy, the next sunny, blowing like hell the entire time.

Another of the pictures I really like. Westminster footbridge and that random clock.

And as you can see, it was then sunny by the time we got to St. Paul's for the second time, around 2 in the afternoon, when they had visiting hours.

The side of St. Paul's, leading around to the West Front.

Looking up at the West Front.

Darcy and I on the steps of St. Paul's.

Detail of the inside of the portico. Technically, you are not supposed to take pictures inside the Cathedral.

I cheated.

Yeah, well, the cathedral didn't spontaneously combust, and neither did I.

However, I think I have discovered the cathedral's revenge. Seeing as it just took me 30 gawd damn minutes to put up that picture, killing my internet (which does not need the help) five times in the process. If I was any more patient, I would have a halo.

I am shocked. That took only five minutes instead. Argh.

We are NOT making progress here.

But I am more stubborn than the computer.

So if you don't think these pictures are cool, I will eat your children.

Looking down into the gallery from the dome.

Looking out from the outdoor observation gallery that rings the dome.

Darcy at the top.

Me. The wind was still blowing approximately 70 miles an hour.

One of the clock towers with the Thames in the background.

The London Eye. I.e. we were up the Eye and saw St. Paul's, now we're up St. Pauls and saw the Eye.

Both the clock towers of St. Paul's.

We headed back DOWN all the stairs and out onto the Millennium Footbridge. It was still as windy as crap.

We swung by the Globe Theatre.

Darcy outside the Globe.


We then went on the Thames River Walk and passed under this mildly famous bridge.

We also saw this mildly famous bridge.

And this mildly famous landmark.

And this mildly famous... yeah yeah yeah.

Nice job, Bill.

Why, how fetching.

Blue sky. And a bridge. And a river. Hey, you're not paying me to describe the pictures, that's what your eyeballs are for.

O look up thar.

The bridge on the way out.

And farewell to London. After this we headed back to Paddington and it took forever to get back to Oxford.

You know what else took forever? That's right, this post.

Dover on Friday and then Darcy's out of here. Then guess what? SCOTLAND.

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