Tuesday, September 30, 2008

T-Minus 1 Day

What I did today: Slept a little late, spent too much time reading about the friggin' bailout deal and worrying about the Presidential election (In case there was any confusion, I am a passionate Democrat, and McInsane and Failin' Palin can kiss my ass, especially with all their little gimmicky stunts trying to make me vote for them since a vagina is now present on the ticket. GO OBAMA! I was originally registered to vote in New York, where I go to school, but changed my registration back to Colorado, where I live, to help turn the Square State blue. That would be a source of great pride, and New York is going to go blue by double digits anyway). I also packaged up my printer, speakers, and sundry clothing, and took it to the post office, spent much too much money to send it on its merry way across the pond ($109.10. Ouch) went to Radio Shack for the third time in three days to re-exchange an adapter I had already exchanged, put the rest of my American money in the bank, then got home and started packing. And packing. At last count, I have somehow managed to fit everything I need for a year into two sizeable suitcases and a backpack, with my laptop case still to come. I am rather surprised that I managed to accomplish this, and judged from the informal first test I gave them, my suitcases are not even overweight. I shall have to weigh them formally to make sure.

Now what's left? Mainly a lot of sitting-on-hands time and (still) attempting to imagine what it's going to be like. Not much time left until I find out, and my next post will either be right before I pack up the computer to take off for the airport, or whenever I actually get all the way to my Oxford flat, which is going to be an undertaking. But I am up for it. And ready to go. In case you couldn't tell. There will also be one last football game tonight (Ravens vs. Steelers, Monday Night Football, I would prefer not to talk about what those silly Broncos did) before I officially become a rugby aficionado.

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