Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day Wanderings (AKA Gillian takes over the blog)

Editorial Note From Hilary: My sister is insane. I left her ramblings untouched for comedic effect. Er, I mean, I love you, dear.

Hi there. I am the famous sister you see in all the picatures. Since Hilary didn't want to put up all the pictures, I decided to hijack the blog and do it anyway. So. Here follows as many posts as I can get in before we skype the family. Also I have to get up before 5AM tomorrow morning in order to fly to Orlando, Florida. But that is a different story.


Christmas Day was really fun - we got up fairly late and opened the two or three presents we had. Books and chocolate, mainly, which is JUST FINE with us. After which we hung out for a bit, and then I got to work making Christmas dinner. Naturally, Hilary's flat is not very well stocked with pots and pans, so I had to improsive, but I managed to roast a turkey breast, mash some potatoes, and make a very retarded version of green bean casserole. We also had some onion bread, a bottle of wine, and chocolate cake, so that was very nice.

Boxing day I came down with a very bad cold, but I didn't want to just sit inside and do nothing. It was also sunny for the first time since I got here, and since I am rather addicted to sunlight, I wanted to get out while we had the chance. So we headed out. I wanted to go up the tower of St. Mary the Virgin. It was closed. I also wanted to look around the Sheldonian Theatre. Also closed.

So I decided to check out the phone booth.

We walked down Merton Street in the sun.

And then, for lack of better things to do, we decided to check out the botanical gardens. That is the archway going into it.

The archway from the other side.

A fountain.

Yeah, basically we just took pictures of pretty stuff.

Fish in a pond.

Very lovely view, where I sat down to rest.

A really cute little crazy bird we made friends with.

After this, we headed to this little restaurant that had signs for a traditional cream tea on the window and a menu full of grilled stuff. Confused, we asked for the tea, and were given it - a pot of tea, two scones, and clotted cream for each. It was lovely! (I LOVE tea).

Then I was really tired and sick, so we headed back and hung out.

Hang tight for Salisbury and Stonehenge pics on the way.

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