Sunday, December 28, 2008

We nearly freeze and get lost, but have a great time anyway.

Another Editorial Note From Hilary: Yup, still insane.

So. We woke up at 7:45 AM and managed to stay awake and get out the door shortly thereafter in order to catch a 9:15 train (it takes awhile to traverse Oxford to the train station, and when we went to London we had to walk a bit faster than I really wanted to, so we made sure to leave early this time). We then had about a two and a half hour train ride (though we did transfer through Southampton Central). It didn't seem that long, though, and then we arrived in Salisbury.

The street. (It was pretty)

A clock tower (I love those).

Oh yeah, and there's this. The Salisbury cathedral. It's that impressive in real life, yes. Actually more so. It's GORGEOUS. And old. Hilary went overboard with the pictures because we couldn't photograph Westminster, so I'll try to get a sense of it, but I can't post it all.

The front of the cathedral. I had a few gawk moments here.

Hilary at the front. I love this picture.


More cathedral.

How do they build this stuff?

Yeah, it's all really old. And pretty.

Case in point.

I cannot begin to describe how amazing the wood carvings were. Really. I can't.

Someone important was buried here. EVERYTHING looks like this in Westminster. By the way.

The cathedral as you see it when you come in.

This dude was alive when the first stones were laid. (Seriously). That was in 1220.

The cloisters. And my shoulder, apparently.

A grave. Can you see the date? 1367. Really freaking old.

The cathedral spire. It's damn impressive. Really. (I lack my sister's wit when it comes to this)

After this, of course, we headed to Stonehenge, and I'm not going to be able to put the pictures up tonight, because I actually do need to sleep, so I will bother Hilary to put them up tomorrow, along with the pictures from St. Mary the Virgin's tower, where we were today.

This is me, attempting to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame (or the Hunchback of Salisbury Cathedral in this case). We were bored, and trying to waste time before our train left for Oxford. Oh yeah, and not freeze. This was very important.

Anyway, more pictures tomorrow (hopefully)!

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