Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Countryside Exploring (Photos)

In which my sister had the interesting idea that we go out to do some wandering on Christmas Eve, before doing some shopping and having a fight with our washing machine.

So, off we went to find some countryside.

On the way, we had to take a picture of my performing sister with the proper street sign.

After walking up Longwall Street and crossing South Parks Road into the University parks and heading up the cycle track, this was some of what we discovered.

The bridge to Terabithia, or alternately the other side of the path.

A pair of swans, the only ones among all the ducks.

A country lane, this point as we'd wandered well off the cycle track.

Another lane.

Me in the ivy.

Gillian in the ivy.

Looking out the lane through an ivy-wound archway.

Our shoes after we crossed a shallow ravine with a lot of mud in it. Shortly after this, Gillian took a flying leap across a ditch and did a facer, which she thought was great.

A bit of rolling countryside.

A cool-looking tree.

Gillian up a tree on another one of the narrow muddy lanes we discovered.

Me up the same tree.

Another lovely little lane.

A bridge. Obviously.

One of the gates evidently meant to keep cows out. For the record, we did not see any cows.

After this, we returned to civilization and walked down Longwall, back down High Street, and off onto Cowley Road to my Sunday haunt coffee shop, where we had a bit of a reprieve and something to munch on.

Where we had the coffee sabbatical.

This is fairly self-explanatory.

Well, that concludes the mini-edition for today. We're going to midnight mass at the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin tonight and then Christmas tomorrow! Have a good one!

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