Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stonehenge! (Photos)

Certain impatient people have been sending certain thinly veiled hints that they think I am not being prompt enough with these pictures. Certain people should be aware that a certain blogger's internet has been certainly horrible for the past few days, to the point it will not work if I am sitting at my desk, but might to consent to do so if I am sitting on the bed. I am now sitting in the living room, so let us see how this goes.

So in short, certain impatient person, shaddup. Ta-dah.

We went from Salisbury Cathedral...

...which looks like this...

(and also this)

(and this as well, aka Gillian did not put in a lot of good pictures)...

... to Stonehenge!

Which looks like this.

And like this. Aka it looks closer than we actually were (thank God for zoom functions). I imagine this is to stop people from doing stupid things like carving their initials and chipping off bits to sell on eBay. Morons.

My charming sister and me with some random big pile of rocks in the background.

Cue the drums.

There were too many damn people there. I cut out all the photos in which it showed.

But it was really kind of awesome anyway.

We got a picture of me writing at the Tower of London, so here's the picture of me writing at Stonehenge. Yes, those parts are in the book. And you'll never guess. Nyeeehehehehehe.The reason I look like an Eskimo is simple: it was mutha flipping COLD.

Yes, I know. You want to make this your new wallpaper immediately.

The rays of sunlight fall upon the stones of yore. And nobody knows why, aside from the fact that that's kind of what sun does.

More stones. Dunno who got them there, really, they're mucking up the lovely Wiltshire countryside.

After this, we went back on a bus driven at hair-raising speeds on winding country roads, and repaired immediately to a coffee shop before frozen bits started breaking off. Stay tuned for the next edition, Oxford from the Aire. It's cool. Trust me.

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